Synesis7 Awarded a Phase-1 SBIR Contract Titled: “Advanced Common Integrative, Intelligent, Customizable and Scalable Automated Logistics Environment (ALE) Framework”

Butte, MT - October 19, 2011 - Synesis7 is proud to announce it has been awarded an SBIR contract with Phase-1 work to begin immediately. Awarded by the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)/Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, the goal and work performed under this Phase-1 SBIR contract will be to demonstrate the feasibility and enterprise-wide benefits of Synesis7’s proposed approach for getting to an advanced common integrative, intelligent Automated Logistics Environment (ALE) planning, development, technology, integration, and deployment framework solution.

The goal of this ALE framework is to transparently bring together and orchestrate existing unique “stove-piped” and planned logistics functions, processes, activities, workflow, data, and system and software technology components. This would include: integrated planning, modeling, supply chain management, distribution, tracking, resource management, maintenance, interactive electronic technical manuals (IETM), test and diagnostics, engineering, configuration management, common authoring, common data structures and management, common metadata management environment, enterprise-wide visibility and decision support, and training.

Establishing technical, operational, cost and commercial feasibility will be dependent on successfully providing an initial high-level proof of concept model focused on Synesis7’s proposed Scalable Collaborative ALE (SCALE)/i3-based ALE Framework with its intelligent integration Manifold/i3 and Orchestrator/i3 technical approach representing a transparent ALE integration and navigation software engine (“engine”). This engine is the critical technology enabler of the ALE Framework strategy. Key to the intent and success of this engine is our proposed phased research, design/prototyping, development, test and integration of intelligent adaptive-evolutionary genetic agent, distributed neural network, metadata environment, and dynamic algorithm technologies.

Holistically, this technology approach in alignment with what Synesis7 defines as the other “integrative factors” will evolve into what Synesis7 describes as the genetic code of the ALE Framework. Synesis7’s proposed SCALE/i3-based ALE Framework approach represents an integrative flexible enterprise-wide process, technology, system/application product, and politically neutral and agnostic solution that shows a high probability of generating significant cost savings and enhanced operations and readiness benefits.

Global commercial migration opportunities spanning commercial aviation, aerospace, shipping, energy, electrical power generation, utilities, health care, manufacturing, and civil government market sectors are strong for a fully developed and tested Synesis7 SCALE/i3-based ALE framework, providing the similar range of benefits expected for NAVAIR, the Navy and broader Defense community.