Synesis7 continues to drive down the cost of advanced data conversion through Metamorphose/i3

Butte, MT - August 9, 2011 - Synesis7’s newest enhancements to its advanced Metamorphose/i3 automated assist data conversion software and process has enabled Synesis7 to provide further cost reductions of advanced data conversion to our customers by up to 68%. Overall data conversion costs are influenced by data source, business rules, data complexity, and functionality requirements. Since its initial introduction in 2006, Metamorphose/i3 has provided an essential high value, high quality, cost effective, integrative end-to-end data conversion solution and service for our military customers. As part of our advanced data conversion business unit, Synesis7 specializes in assisting military and commercial organizations in transforming and migrating their technical data to a standard, non-proprietary, intelligently tagged XML format in compliance with the international AECMA S1000D specification. Synesis7 is helping the military reach its data standardization, conversion, data management and sustainment, interoperability, and ongoing operational cost reduction and enhanced readiness objectives, and to achieve their unified operations, logistics, systems and software applications interoperability strategies and goals. Synesis7 provides holistic:

Systems and software analysis, engineering/design/prototyping, development, integration, test, and implementation within open systems, open source, system of systems, and service-based environments

Business rules and requirements development, analysis, and integration

Process, data and information planning, modeling and analysis

Data transformation using Synesis7’s advanced Metamorphose/i3 technology, which uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and adaptive algorithm technologies, converting data from PDF or any electronic format to structured XML.

S1000D standard migration planning, application, conversion, integration, and training

Systems and software research and development

Project Management