Real Solutions

Whether you need an interactive technical/maintenance manual, training, or an e-process, operational, or task support solution - Synesis7 has become the new driving visionary force in developing and delivering advanced intelligent interactive solutions.

Metamorphose/i3 - Automated Document and Data Conversion

Metamorphose/i3 is an advanced intelligent automated document, records, and data conversion process and software tool-set. Metamorphose/i3 transforms existing data and graphics in technical manuals, other publications, and documents into an XML, SVG, or SGML formatted database or other output formats as a service to customers. The output supports web-based and wireless intelligent interactive enterprise and operations support applications. Examples include: integrated Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM), logistics support, e-books, healthcare informatics, electronic medical records (EMR), and interactive training tools. Metamorphose/i3 supports multiple standards, including the international S1000D specification for aerospace and defense industries.

IETM/i3 - Seamless. Intelligent. Interactive.

Synesis7's intelligent Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM/i3) is one example of a Synesis7 web-based and wireless intelligent solution, which supports military, other government, and commercial needs. IETM/i3 is an integrated set of software tools that provide a seamless intelligent interactive electronic technical manual creation, management, maintenance, delivery, and end-user presentation and communication solution. It provides total IETM life-cycle management.

Orchestrate/i3 - Hassle Free Data Management

Orchestrate/i3 is Synesis7ís core tool set for sustaining XML content. Orchestrate/i3 incorporates the best properties of a commercial XML editor intuitively enhanced to support the transition from a paper environment to an electronic environment, improved by an easy user interface, simultaneously supporting the S1000D specification and other standards. It is provided as an integrated component of the IETM/i3 suite as well as a standalone tool.


Visit our S1000D page for more information about Synesis7ís S1000D expertise, services, and focused training courses.