Synesis7 Releases Metamorphose/i3, Innovative Data Transformation and Management Solution

Butte, MT - February 16, 2005 - Synesis7 Corporation, a pioneering developer and provider of integrative information technology and management solutions, today unveils its Metamorphose/i3 advanced intelligent automated document, publication, and content conversion process and software tool-set. Metamorphose/i3 transforms existing data and graphics in technical manuals, other publications, and documents into an XML, SVG, or SGML formatted database or other output formats as a service to customers. The output supports web-based and wireless intelligent interactive enterprise and operations support applications. Examples include: integrated Interactive Electronic Technical and maintenance Manuals (IETM), logistics support, e-books, healthcare informatics, and interactive training tools. Metamorphose/i3 supports multiple standards, including the international S1000D standard for the defense and aerospace industries.

Metamorphose/i3 uses its built-in process-flow-management tools, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and other artificial intelligent technologies to intelligently automate the conversion of text, graphics/illustrations, schematics, and data from paper or digital input into dynamic XML, SVG, and SGML database and other formats. Benefits include reduced conversion costs through greater OCR process accuracy, automated NLP data contextualization and structuring, and enhanced proofing; reduced ongoing data management costs; improved resource utilization; reduced labor costs through human assisted automation; and improved workflow.

“Natural language processing used within Metamorphose/i3 provides self-learning context-sensitive comprehension of content, and the use of cognitive learning techniques in graphics conversion provides superior comprehension of graphical content,” said Allen K. Ellmaker, CEO of Synesis7. “Our holistic customer, user, industry, and technology-driven development approach; its alignment with the new S1000D standard that has emerged within the international and domestic aerospace industry, combined with Synesis7’s flexible service offering positions Metamorphose/i3 as the industry and market leader. Metamorphose/i3 complements and supports our cross-platform web-based and wireless enterprise, operational, and process support applications being developed through our i3 information technology solutions development framework,” continued Ellmaker.

Headquartered in Butte, Montana, the Synesis7 Corporation was established in 2001 to provide a true alternative source for holistic information and process technology, strategic consulting, business and operations improvement, engineering, and management solutions and services. As a full-service provider of integrative solutions, Synesis7 helps client-partners make sense of, manage, and navigate the challenges of rapid and unpredictable change, and develop opportunities and solutions that are simultaneously good for business, people, communities, and our environment that sustains us all. Synesis7 can be reached at (406) 496-6400 or