S1000D Data Conversion for Navy Demonstrated by Synesis7 & Inmedius

Butte, MT - April 26, 2006 -Synesis7 and Inmedius announce the successful demonstration of S1000D Vendor Interoperability. Using data converted via Metamorphose/i3, Inmedius generated a data driven display within Flexaview™, branded as Publisher™ for the Navy and Marine Corps.

Using Metamorphose/i3, Synesis7’s automated data conversion toolset, Synesis7 effectively transformed legacy data and graphics from four F/A-18 engine manuals into S1000D compliant XML for the US Navy. Metamorphose/i3 uses a software driven process, minimizing human intervention through the use of integrated OCR, contextual data-mapping, Natural Language Processing, self-learning, and interface optimization components.

Inmedius utilized the converted S1000D tagged XML with Flexaview, their powerful SGML/XML multi-standard viewing solution to display the content in a format usable by maintainers. The browser-based technical documentation viewing system enables users to effectively share and deploy information in any operational environment.

“The ability for Inmedius to process Synesis7’s automatically converted legacy technical content and then to easily present it to fleet technicians on their NMCI computers is an important contribution to upgrading fleet operations”, stated Dick Martin, Inmedius Chief Technology Officer.

This demonstration proves that well formed S1000D output can be taken by a presentation system vendor without ties to the authoring/conversion vendor and utilized with a minimal learning curve. This provides the Navy presentation/author independence previously unseen in the technical data community.

About Synesis7 – Headquartered in Butte, Montana, Synesis7, a woman and veteran-owned small business, has emerged an industry leader providing an automated system and process for converting complex source materials into S1000D compliant XML, significantly reducing cost, time, and errors within the conversion process. Acting as a total “system” transformation enabler, Synesis7 helps client-partners navigate through the challenges of rapid, unpredictable change and complex technology evolution through systems, software, and integrative management solutions that effect positive change. http://www.synesis7.com.

About Inmedius - Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, with offices in the United Kingdom and Germany, Inmedius is a leader in innovative, performance-oriented applications that capture, create, manage and deploy technical information assets. The integrated Inmedius S1000D Publishing Suite™ supports documentation through its complete life cycle. With proven technical abilities and operational expertise, Inmedius provides numerous military programs, software, and services to maintain flight readiness, implement process and personnel controls, and more effectively deploy information assets. http://www.inmedius.com

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