Synesis7 Named to “10 Most Promising Aerospace Technology Consulting Providers” List by CIOReview Magazine for 2014

Butte, Montana, March 19, 2014 - Synesis7 is honored to be named one of “10 Most Promising Aerospace Technology Consulting Providers” by CIOReview Magazine ">CIOReview Magazine for 2014. Over the course of several months, CIOReview’s editorial research team analyzed over 300 companies that are at the forefront of tackling enterprise challenges and that offer technology solutions to the aerospace sector. Through nominations and consultations with industry leaders, Synesis7’s truly innovative transformational services and solutions inspired CIOReview editors to select Synesis7 as one of the top “10 Most Promising Aerospace Technology Consulting Providers” in the country.

Editors at CIOReview considered Synesis7 ‘s transformational holistic data, software and systems prototyping, development, and integration services and solutions approach in their evaluation and decision. This approach is demonstrated through the Company’s intelligent Metamorphose/i3 (M/i3) small and “big data” transformation and integration, and Scalable Collaborative Automated Logistics Environment (SCALE)/i3 technology and process framework solutions.

Allen Ellmaker, Founder and CEO of Synesis7 said, “To quote Thomas Jefferson, I hold that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing. Synesis7 has sparked a revolution within the industry in how business is done and holistic solutions are developed, integrated, and delivered”.

Based in Butte, Montana, Synesis7 assists customers transform enterprise-wide operations, core business processes, and the way data, information, knowledge, and technology is brought together and used. A holistic vision and approach guides the company’s data, software and systems prototyping, development, and integration services, driving transformational strategic, operational, and ground level work support solutions.

Synesis7 develops and delivers innovative affordable solutions that address the challenges of accelerating non-linear change, rapid data proliferation, prolonged readiness demands, and budget and cost reduction pressures. Synesis7 offers tangible relationship, business, and technology solution alternatives to traditional solutions, enabling the flexibility, substantial cost and time-to-benefits reductions, performance reliability, and freedom of planning and action customers seek.

Within the US Defense arena, Synesis7 is using its intelligent M/i3technology and process to save the government and taxpayers up to 80% in data transformation (saving one program $2 million), 30% in data sustainment, and 20-30% in other operational costs. Synesis7 is an expert on the international S1000D specification for equipment maintenance and operations information for aerospace, defense and capital-intensive equipment environments. The Company provides end-to-end S1000D consulting and implementation support. This covers S1000D planning, use analysis, business rules development, data mapping, data and graphics transformation to the specification, integration, and migration within the enterprise. Synesis7 is positioned as an on-point provider of S1000D solutions across multiple industry sectors.

Synesis7’s intelligent extensible SCALE/i3 framework demonstrates a holistic approach and how Synesis7 brings together multiple disciplines to provide high-value solutions. The heart of SCALE/i3 is its intelligent Orchestrator/i3 integration, synchronization, and navigation “engine”. It brings together and synchronizes customer-driven business rules, data and information from an array of sources, knowledge, processes, workflow, existing and new information technology investments, custom software and all logistics domains and functions. It provides a configurable interactive “user point-of-view-centric” interface, including support for mobile environments through a hybrid open architecture, open source, intelligent System of Systems (SoS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach supporting cloud or on-premise implementation options. And it enables the convergence of operations, logistics, intelligence, data and information (structured and unstructured) and knowledge fusion, providing relevant, useful, actionable information, supporting high-value data and information use such as enhanced discovery, intelligent data analytics, and dynamic shared situation awareness.

Allen Ellmaker stated that, “Synesis7 is challenging business as usual. Our transformative, some might call disruptive, technology and business relationship actions provide our customers greater freedom of planning, choice, and action from the chains of doing business as usual. Customers can be hostage to the too big and complicated to go elsewhere syndrome, and black hole contract business practices that promote artificial cost inflation and innovation complacency at best. We give them tangible business relationship and technology alternatives that free them from this. But this demands a greater scope of responsibility of Synesis7. Combined with our technology, solutions, services, and delivery innovation embodied in our intelligent M/i3 small and big data transformation and SCALE/i3 technology and process framework solutions, this is demonstrated and tested every day through our extreme flexibility, openness, direct pricing approach, commitment to pass cost savings to our customer, and consistently going above and beyond what is expected”.

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