Functional Area 3.5 System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support

The S7 Team has extensive experience in all aspects of documentation and technical data support, ranging from the authoring of maintenance, engineering, and technical data to validation of generated content to conversion of technical data from legacy paper/IETM formats. Our experience extends to significant work on procurement, acquisition and technical documents; such as functional descriptions, specifications, Analysis of Alternatives, Test and Evaluation Master Plans, circuit schematics, PCB artwork, electrical and mechanical drawings, assembly procedures, parts lists, parts data sheets, interface specifications, functional test procedures, and ESS procedures. We have frequently generated comprehensive technical documentation in order to support system development, monitor program advancement, promote efficiencies through historical observation, and to assure the latest design, configuration, integration, and installation concepts are captured for a range of programs (F/A-18, E-2, JSF, H-60, NALCOMIS-Optimized, the Automated Maintenance Environment, F404 I-Level Manuals, Navy Military Flight Operations Quality Assurance (MFOQA), etc).

The S7 Team demonstrates its conversion abilities for technical data under the CPI Project (N00421-03-C-0062). Within this project technical data was transformed from a legacy format (PDF) into S1000D v2.1 compliant XML through an automated process. This process identified and corrected numerous errors that had accumulated in these manuals over time and allowed the NAVAIR data manager to provide users with multiple outputs (Paper, PDF, or IETM) through the management of a single data source.

A current example of S7 Team member Wyle Labs experience is their work as prime contractor on contract N68936-00-D-0068, in support of the F-14 program. They have developed a detailed Mission Computer Functional Requirements Document (FRD) to integrate the GPS Guided Weapon into the F-14D; and updated the FRD and Program Performance Specification for the LAR software to accommodate the AIM-7F/M, AIM-9M, AIM-54C, and AIM-120 missiles. For the F-14 WSSA, Wyle developed IV&V plans, flight test plans and procedures, acceptance test plans, FRDs, software requirements analyses, software test plans, user manuals, and QA plans. They also provided updates to Software Configuration Management Plans, Computer Resources Life Cycle Managements Plans, Software Design Documents, Interface Requirements Specifications, Software Requirements Specifications, and other documents.

The two very different types of Technical Documentation work provided above reflect the range of experience that the S7 Team brings within this Functional Area.