Relevant Experience

The S7 Team is committed to providing the US Navy services and solutions that are not only of highest value and cost effective, but are user driven, integratable, and extendable in the larger "system" context of current, near-term, and emerging goals/priorities. Each member of this team has a demonstrated record of assisting the Navy (and other DoD, Federal Government, and commercial customers) with legacy and current state of the art systems, while simultaneously aiding in leading the way to and beyond the next generation of advanced systems, processes, and infrastructure. It is this combination of vision, customer commitment, technical expertise, and proven value that is the key factor in the outstanding success of this team.

The following sections provide an overview of the capabilities brought by the S7 team. Selected experience and past performance is referenced to aid in further defining the scope of the team's experience.

Zone 7 – Northwest Zone


Functional Area

Contract No./ Prime/Sub

$ Value

Date Completed



N00421-03-C-0062/ Prime


Sept. 2006

Under Project N00421-03-C-0062, S7 Team member Synesis7 developed a solution to reduce the time and cost of conversion from Paper or PDF Technical Manuals to an IETM based on the emerging S1000D specification. The developed solution capitalized on several advanced software technologies/paradigms, especially Natural Language Processing (NLP) and self learning technologies, provided integration points for extending the technology and interfacing with the existing NAVAIR infrastructure, dynamically generated outputs to a custom S1000D viewer and to a standard S1000D XML data structure that successfully displayed in a COTS viewer, and republished the Paper/PDF source document.



#SPB-04-838B/ Prim



Under #SPB-04-838B, S7 Team member Synesis7 provides detailed acquisition logistics support to the Montana National Guard supporting the “Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Wireless Wide Area Network Project”.  Synesis7 developed the National Guard equivalents of the Acquisition Plan, Supply Support Plan, and the initial Maintenance Planning concept documentation.  Synesis7 continues to provide all administrative and technical support to successfully elaborate the specific scope and requirements definition of the multi-phase COOP/WAN project. Synesis7 provides research, analysis, and acquisition support for the Emergency Incident Communications Suite including an integration analysis to ensure the suite can be seamlessly integrated into existing Montana National Guard mission requirements to include support of all state and national agencies that may be affected by these upgrades.  Together with the MT NG, Synesis7 captures these findings and translates them into the specific COOP/WAN performance and supportability parameter objectives and thresholds to ensure the system can be cost effectively utilized through its life cycle.



N00421-03-C-0062/ Prime


September 2006

Under project N00421-03-C-0062, S7 Team member Synesis7 provides the NAVAIR 6.8.5 Special Projects Officer and the F/A-18 Technical Data LEM project management and communication support related to the transition of legacy technical data content (Paper, PDF, MIL-STD-87269, and MIL-STD-3001) to S1000D.  Synesis7 has developed key budget and schedule inputs related to these topics, provided impact assessments of requirements and schedule shifts, developed draft SOW language, identified key elements of MOAs, performed risk assessments, and conducted educational briefing in support of MOA and interoperability.