Quality Assurance Program

Key Synesis7 personnel have tremendous breadth supporting quality functions. To ensure the customer receives high quality services and deliverables, the team will apply this breadth. The processes for monitoring, managing and maximizing the Navy’s quality expectations of the S7 Team shall include, but not limited to, clearly defining the quality metrics. These metrics are derived through the management processes outlined in conjunction with the S7 Holistic Management Model. Using the experience of Six Sigma, black belt members, the team will work on continuously improving the Navy support functions as well as the team’s own internal processes.

The success of any quality program requires close monitoring and effective, timely response. By actively integrating quality management into its general management and continuous improvement practices at all levels from the corporate to the project, Synesis7 has consistently been able to exceed all quality thresholds and goals set for its projects (to include 99.99% thresholds set on data conversion projects)

Customer Responsiveness

Synesis7 deeply believes in ‘The customer is king’ approach, which is another core tenet of the S7 Holistic Management Model. This is achieved by using agile methodologies for project management, technical development, requirement capture/management, and issue resolution. To be responsive to the customer’s immediate goals/desires and at the same time support a focus on the more strategic and larger goals is a key reason Synesis7 defines many of the elements defined under General Management Practices, especially Vision Definition. Synesis7 also provides the customer with access and visibility to management and technical personnel at all levels of the project.

Problem Resolution

Synesis7 believes that the best solution to Problem Resolution is Problem Avoidance, achievable through the management practices detailed above, its CUTPO (Customers, User representatives, Team members, Partners, and Other stakeholders) emphasis, and the use of the S7 Holistic Management Model. Should a problem arise, it is assessed against the project Vision, measured using established project (or CUTPO defined) metrics, and resolved via the process defined in the project Communication Plan. Outcomes from this process are used to refine requirements, processes, Vision, and/or metrics as appropriate.