Functional Area 3.20 Program Support

The S7 Team has a proven record of providing both Competency and Program level offices with support on complex projects involving a mixture of emerging technologies and standards, multiple user communities (interdependent and independent), and highly disparate resource scenarios. The holistic approach applied by all S7 Team members, combined with a driving customer focus, has insured the creation of multi-disciplinary teams mixing experienced personnel with diverse backgrounds in a range of disciplines: Business Administration, Program Management, Six Sigma, Engineering, Physics, Information Technology, Psychology, and Mathematics. These teams have provided program support to over a dozen Competency organizations and over twenty Program organizations within the Virtual SYSCOM as well as several highly similar organizations within the Federal Government, wider DoD community, and commercial sector. S7 Team members have been key providers in enabling supported offices to achieve development, deployment, operational, sustainment/support, and transition goals.

Under project N00421-03-C-0062, S7 Team member Synesis7 provides the NAVAIR 6.8.5 Special Projects Officer and the F/A-18 Technical Data LEM project management and communication support related to the transition of legacy technical data content (Paper, PDF, MIL-STD-87269, and MIL-STD-3001) to S1000D. Synesis7 has developed key budget and schedule inputs related to these topics, provided impact assessments of requirements and schedule shifts, developed draft SOW language, identified key elements of MOAs, performed risk assessments, and conducted educational briefing in support of MOA and interoperability.

Under Project N00421-02-F-3189 S7 Team member DCS performs acquisition strategy, program management, and systems engineering for PMA242 Marine Weapons Programs including Joint Common Missile, Advanced Precision Kill Weapon Systems, and the M3M .50 caliber Crew Served Weapon. Acquisition documentation is researched, developed and prepared, including TEMPs, APs, ASRs, SOWs, PSDs. DCS coordinates and attends meetings and briefings, reviews procurement data, updates and maintains tracking systems and databases related to actions, milestones and budgets. DCS coordinates with Joint Service representatives, contractors, sub-vendors and other NAVAIR activities. DCS provides technical systems engineering and weapons safety reviews, trade studies, risk assessments, program schedules and TOC efforts. DCS prepares and reviews budgetary data and assists in defining program funding profiles and cost. DCS personnel enter data into SAP Budget Structure, Network and Activities and attend meetings for SAP/ERP implementation. In addition, DCS provides services in support of proposed systems upgrades, evaluates risk (cost, schedule and performance), reviews technical project plans, provides recommendations for technology insertion, and testing activities to meet program goals. Support extends to legacy weapon systems under the cognizance of PMA242, including medium caliber ammunition, marine location markers, and Hellfire, Maverick and TOW missiles. DCS prepares program documentation including Letters of Agreement (LOAs), using a variety of government systems, tools and information systems to track and process documentation. DCS researches and prepares Memoranda of Agreement (MOAs) and Cost Estimates documentation for the International Program Office in response to foreign inquiries.