Functional Area 3.1 Research and Development Support Page

The S7 team has demonstrated significant experience and understanding within research and development, supporting the Virtual SYSCOM in creating state-of-the-art systems, defining potential new technologies, and enhancing existing technology. Its members have lead and participated in both fundamental and extensive research applying scientific, analytical, and non-traditional disciplines. Team members have conducted research ranging in nature from concept formulation of new processes or information technologies to evaluation of system, subsystem, and even WRA level hardware. These research projects have ranged from the very simple inexpensive level to those having a value of tens of millions of dollars. While much of the teamsí experience has been focused on the areas of supply chain integration, information technology insertion, Sense and Respond Logistics, weapon system hardware, and DoD support systems the team also has measurable experience in the areas of human factors research, communication infrastructure, and generalized business process re-engineering. Finally, the S7 Team is able to provide the Virtual SYSCOM access to a range of R&D facilities that allow for both rapid and extensive investigation into all mission and functional areas.

Under Project N00421-03-C-0062, S7 Team member Synesis7 developed a solution to reduce the time and cost of conversion from Paper or PDF Technical Manuals to an IETM based on the emerging S1000D specification. The developed solution capitalized on several advanced software technologies/paradigms, especially Natural Language Processing (NLP) and self learning technologies, provided integration points for extending the technology and interfacing with the existing NAVAIR infrastructure, dynamically generated outputs to a custom S1000D viewer and to a standard S1000D XML data structure that successfully displayed in a COTS viewer, and republished the Paper/PDF source document.

Under Project 1435-04-06-PO-60147 currently primed by S7 Team member University of Maryland with support from Synesis7, we are assessing, developing, and demonstrating information technology and business processes that more fully integrate the supply chain into the logistics/support infrastructure (IT, administrative, maintenance, and management) in support of the F/A-18 Super Hornet.